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Hi, my name is Ashlee Shimmel. Before I started with JLP Education Services my PSAT scores were below average, and I knew that the SAT scores would be a major part in getting in to the college of my dreams. My friend told me about how she received one on one tutoring. I asked her if it actually helped her scores, and she said yes they improved so much from the PSAT to her final SAT. So, I decided to try this one- on- one training. I have taken 12 hours of training and I can already see results when I took the practice PSAT. I would recommend this service to anyone who is serious abut improving their SAT/ACT scores.
--Senior at Miami Country Day School, Class of 2011
Hello, my name is Steven Castillo. I had decent PSAT scores when I took classes and my SAT score was about average. After a few sessions with JLP Education Services I had remarkable improvement and scored more then enough to get myself a full scholarship to the college of my dreams. The time I spent studying and doing the prep-assignments I was given by my tutor not only improved my ACT scores but my skills as a student all around. Every person whose asked me for help with SAT or ACT prep I've told them to give JLP Services a try because I feel it's the best out there.
-Freshman. Now, currently works part-time at JLP for K-12 math tutoring.
I would like to thank JLP Education Services very much for tutoring me through out my junior and senior year of high school. My grades in the SAT raised extremely high from the first time I took the PSAT. The strategies that JLP uses towards the SAT help you succeed and raise your SAT scores. I would also like to thank Jamie very much for always caring about me and making sure that I have what is needed to succeed. She has been very patient and helpful throughout the process and it has given me self-confidence. I would recommend JLP education services to everyone because it really does help a lot and gives you exactly what you are looking on to improve!
-Patricia Pratt-Perez
Miami Country Day School, class of 2010. Will be attending the prestigious FIT in NYC in the fall.
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JlP Education Services provides customized SAT, ACT and K-12 tutoring in South Florida.http://jlpeducationservices.vpweb.comjlpeducationservices@gmail.com(305) 894-6024
 JLP quoted in an article which helps parents get the most out of their child's tutor: http://www.education.com/magazine/article/get-most-out-of-tutor

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